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Good grief

Website of The Cinemat, Steve’s independent arthouse-documentary-foreign-film-type video rental store at 4th and Walnut Streets in downtown Bloomington. See what’s happening in the Cinemat Screening Room this week.

Good writing

The essayist Paul Graham holds forth on Bayesian spam filters, angel investing in tech companies, and many other enlightened hacker/nerd topics. The simplicity of his website’s design was an inspiration for mine.

Good humor

A loving Flash-animation tribute to the lo-fi sound and images of computing’s infancy, replete with cartoons, recurring characters with backstory aplenty yet remarkably shallow inner lives. Steve especially likes “Teen Girl Squad.”

Good friends

Note: Just because there’s not a link to your site here doesn’t mean you’re not a good friend of Steve’s. Contact him to get linked.

The website of Mohan Embar, author of BSBingo and other fine unproductivity tools. 2007.08.09

Bob Glickstein, a lively and active general-purpose observer of modern life, is an old college friend of mine. He reminisced recently about the last time we met, when I apparently was trying to channel Shelley Long’s hair. 2007.08.09

How he has time to blog while working full-time and going to law school is beyond me. 2007.03.19

The magazine articles of Mike Pilewski, an American emigre and writer now living in Munich who explains America to Germans and vice versa. Ask him about pi. 2007.03.19

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